This is the leading orthopedic repair material...

Human tissues are intricately structured; materials to repair human tissues must be similarly structured. The limitations of the materials available over the past 50 years have necessitated simple, homogeneous forms. Our tissues don’t like simple. They don’t like homogeneous. In fact, they don’t much care for the repair materials we have at our disposal.

Nolen ortho is dedicated to transforming the treatment of orthopedic and soft tissue injury and disease through the commercialization of a new class of tissue repair materials. Tissue repair materials with a controlled activation allowing precise tailoring of the structure of the repair materials to match the structure of the tissues.

With structured repair materials, the dream of surgeons for the past century is at hand. Premade, sterile, ready to implant adhesives to bond tissues and organs without the need for sutures, rods, pins, screws, or staples.

Nolen ortho tissue repair biomaterials – inherently porous, just like you.

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