Product Pipeline:

Nolen Orthopedics is an early-phase company developing soft-tissue and orthopedic tissue repair materials. Our controlled activation technology promises to revolutionize the treatment of traumatic and surgical wounds by allowing an entirely new class of tissue repair materials.

All products are Conceptual Stage. Nolen Ortho has no products cleared for sale in any regulatory jurisdiction.

Product Pipeline - Orthopedic

NOL001    (BonePutty) is a synthetic bone graft, providing faster and easier use within the operating suite, decreased risk of complications, and eliminating the need for a secondary graft harvesting surgery.

NOL002    (BoneGlue) is an orthopedic tissue surgical adhesive, providing a bonding and reinforcing material with an inherently porous, growth inducing microstructure and reducing or eliminating the need for internal fixation.

NOL003   (OsteoRenue) is an injectable biodegradable biopolymer  providing structural support of injured or compromised  orthopedic tissue with an inherently porous, growth inducing microstructure intended for use in vertebroplasty and treatment of osteoporosis.

Product Pipeline - Soft Tissue

NOL004    is a self-adhering soft tissue repair patch intended for treatment of hernia and pelvic floor weakness. Its tissue adhesive technology reduces or eliminates the need for sutures or staples and contact with adjacent tissues is enhanced.

NOL006    is a self-adhering Dural sealant and adhesion barrier for spinal and cranial surgeries.

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